C9 Hatillo del Mar


Romantic Vacations by the Sea


Hatillo, Puerto Rico ~ On the Beautiful Northwestern Shore of the Isla del Encanto!


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A Wonderful Pueblo and Beautiful Beaches

A Short Distance from C9


Coat of Arms

Pueblo Hatillo

Downtown Hatillo

Tourist Office

Ask for Mary Ann


Dressed for Christmas

Hatillo's Flag

Church in the Square

Senora Nuestra del Carmen

Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Across the Plaza

Downtown Shops

Government Offices

Plaza Shops


one of Hatillo's Sons

Hatillo Plaza

You will Flip

Over Hatillo!


Oceanside Park

Take a Walk

By the Sea


Yes, at Puerto Hermina!

Pirate Hideout

and Treasure Stash


On the Cliff

Painted Turtle

Inside the Cave

Beautiful Beach

Pirates made a great choice!

Puerto Hermina Beach

Minutes from C9

At el Tunel

Hike along the Ocean

At el Tunel

Have a cool drink, enjoy the view

At el Tunel

Large, Beautiful Beach

Taino Tribute

On the way to Aguadilla

Great View!

At Aguadilla

Amador Beach

In Camuy

Amador Beach

Popular Local Spot

Brisas in Camuy

Minutes from C9

Brisas in Camuy

Brisas in Camuy

Cruise Ships Pass

and an occasional whale!

Great View

around every curve

Near Isabela

A Surf bar

Another View

Surfing Beaches

Aerial View

Arecibo Lighthouse Beaches

Arecibo Faro

Our Favorite Beach

Your Choice!

Surf or Tidepool

Casa Guests

Enjoying the Arecibo Beach

Andy at Arecibo

Some PR Downtime



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