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                               Rental Agreement



By Signature below, Guest agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:



To use the assigned living area for the term indicated and for no other purpose than for temporary residence during the agreed upon period.



The Upper and Lower Galerias, are semi-private common areas. Guests, Management or management agents may enter the common areas at any time. Management or their agents may enter any area at any time during emergency situations. Guest will be notified in advance of any routine maintenance to be performed.


Facility Emergencies are to be reported when discovered 24 / 7 

787-898-3624 or 267-808-5778 mobile


Medical or Safety Emergencies - 911 (Spanish or English)




Materials hazardous to health, safety and well-being of the house or other occupants or neighbors are not permitted. Pets are not permitted. Noxious cooking odors are not permitted.


Illegal activity, materials, illegal drugs and firearms or weapons without license are not permitted at any time. Authorized Law enforcement personnel are excepted for firearms and weapons.



Each bedroom contains one queen size bed and is for one or two adults and no more than two children under 16. Neither the Studio Unit nor Bedroom #2 of the Seaside Apartment is suitable for rollout beds for children due to limited space. The charge for any additional unauthorized overnight guests is $80.00 per night per unauthorized person. The number of guests will not exceed the number indicated on the Reservation Form. Rollouts or inflatables are available at no additional cost for children only (16 or under).



The common areas are not for overnight sleeping. Common areas will be kept clean and tidy in consideration of other guests. Trash will be disposed of. Personal possessions will be secured. 



Playing of extremely loud music or permitting out of control 'parties' or gathering of groups in numbers exceeding the numbers allowed in the reserved unit as well as permitting or causing other unusual noises to the point of disturbing the peace of the neighbors or other occupants of C9 is not permitted. Upon complaint, the extremely loud music, out of control party, gathering or noise will stop immediately and not again be restarted. Failure to immediately comply with a request by management to desist or receiving a visit by police due to noise or illegal activities indicates agreement to vacate the property immediately with the forfeiture of any remaining days or nights in the rental agreement as well as payment of an additional $50.00 in administrative costs.




All foodstuffs will be stored or disposed of properly due to the presence of sugar ants, fire ants and other tropical bugs. Cooking is permitted ONLY in the kitchens or on properly situated barbecue grills on the decks or in the yard. Trash will be placed in the container outside the Unit access door.














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All kitchen utensils and equipment to include the microwave and coffee maker will be used for the intended purpose only. All utensils and equipment provided that are used by the guests will be cleaned, dried and stored properly by the guest. Leaving the kitchen or other areas in a condition detrimental to the health of others constitutes approval by the guest to have a service place the kitchen or other areas in proper order and cleanliness. The charge for this service is $100.00 for each instance


All unsafe or unsanitary conditions will be reported to the office upon discovery.


 ##  Any unsafe or unsanitary condition of any assigned space that is not suitable to a guest upon arrival will be reported immediately or is deemed acceptable as is. If the space cannot be made to a condition that is reasonably acceptable to the guest within a reasonable length of time, the reservation will be terminated immediately and the payment received from the guest will be returned in full. C9 management will make a reasonable attempt to locate reasonable accommodations for the guest.

 ##  Descriptions of bedrooms and other areas that appear on the casa web site and other advertisement media are reasonably accurate. No refund will be provided if the guest's personal preferences do not approve of the location, furnishings, colors, amenities or view.   



All water, electrical appliances, lights, air conditioners, ceiling fans and fixtures will be turned off when not in use. Candles, if used, will be used with extreme care and will be extinguished with care being mindful of splashing melted wax. Management or maintenance personnel may turn off any appliances left turned on by the guest in a vacant unit in the interest of conservation and safety. Any equipment malfunctions will be reported to the office immediately upon discovery.



Guests will take the precautions necessary for the safety and security of persons and possessions. Guests assume all personal responsibility. All access doors will be locked at night or when unit is vacated. Gates will be left closed and secured. Management and agents of C9 are not responsible for loss or theft of possessions or personal injuries caused by others.



Personally remaining or storing of personal possessions at the termination of the agreed rental period indicates agreement to extend the rental of the unit(s) for a minimum of two (2) days. Extended rental dates and rates not previously approved by C9 will be the agreed upon rate plus 100% per day.

Check-in time is 3 PM  /  Check out time is 12 Noon

Extended, unapproved stays will have an impact on subsequent guests with reservations. Units will be locked and access denied to guests failing to pay due charges.



Personal possessions left in the unit or in common areas after departure of the guest will be stored in a secure area for a maximum of 10 days. If not retrieved within that time, the personal possessions will be deemed abandoned and not wanted by the guest and will be disposed of. Storage charges will accrue at $20.00 per day or fraction of a day for each item. This does not apply to small personal items inadvertently left behind by the guest which will be forwarded upon request at cost. Signature indicates permission to remove, store, ship or dispose of such abandoned personal possessions.



Breakage and damage of the unit or it's contents or extraordinary service required to bring the facilities to near original condition, outside of normal wear and tear, are the responsibility of the guest. Repairs or replacements necessary will be charged to the account of the guest. Itemized receipt will be provided. Amount charged will be limited to the repair or replacement cost including parts and labor.



Missing items will be considered as being desired by the guest as a purchase. Appropriate charges for replacement of missing items will be made to the guest's account.  Itemized receipt will be provided. Amount charged will be limited to the replacement cost including parts and labor. An inventory list of items contained in a respective area is found in the respective area. Guests are encouraged to review the inventory sheet immediately on arrival and immediately report any discrepancies. Inventories are accurate as of the departure of the previous guest and are updated as necessary. If no discrepancies are reported by guest, guest accepts room inventory as is.

















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If guest's credit or debit account does not have sufficient funds to satisfy necessary charges, Guest will provide other acceptable payment. If payment is not forthcoming within 10 days of notification, collection actions will be taken. Any and all collection charges, legal or bank or attorney fees required as a result of this or subsequent guest reservation period due to the action or inaction of the guest will be charged to the guest. Guest agrees to pay any and all charges incurred for legal services.



The stairs and tile floors inside and out are very slippery when wet or with wet feet. Extreme caution will be used. A possibility exists that small stones, sea shells or other debris may be encountered both inside and out that could cause injury. Guest assumes all personal responsibility and will inform all in the party of the necessary caution. C9 recommends and suggests that suitable footwear be worn at all times.



The rear yard is available for use. Both a gas grill (with tank) and a charcoal grill are available for use. Guests assume all responsibility for proper operation and use of the grills. Please be sure that the access gate is kept closed at all times. All trash will be disposed of in the receptacles provided.



The upper deck on the East side of the house behind the secured gate is also closed to guests. The gate will not be passed.  


The maintenance access ledge on the West side of the house is accessible only by climbing over the railings and is closed to guests.



C9 is a non-smoking house. Smoking is acceptable only in the outside areas. Smoking materials will be disposed of properly and safely in the containers provided. Guests will be aware that drifting smoke may be annoying to other guests trying to enjoy the ocean air. In the event that a detectable odor of tobacco smoke is present in the reserved unit after guest's departure, a charge of $100.00 will be levied to clear the unit and it's contents of the smoke odor.



C9, management, owners and workers will be held harmless for injuries except those that may be as a direct result of their personal actions.              


Services such as TV, telephone, internet, water and electricity may be disrupted or discontinued without warning. Normally for a short period of time. No refund will be issued in the event of utility or equipment shut down causing inconvenience. Office will be notified of all problems.



One parking space is available to each unit in the car port adjacent to the unit reserved. On street parking is subject to the laws of Puerto Rico. Please do not block C9 or neighboring driveways. Please refrain from parking in front of neighboring houses to the greatest extent possible. Parking is permitted on the ocean side of the street (be aware of the possibility of falling coconuts and palm fronds which hang over the street area which may damage vehicles). As in any area in any city, please remove valuables from inside your vehicle.

(Please be aware - Puerto Rico law prohibits bottled beverages off premises.)



There is no additional cost for WiFi Internet access or for Roku Streaming TV. Guest assumes responsibility and will provide payment to vendors and providers or C9 for any charges related to TV or internet use. TV connections and settings will not be changed. TV system is set up for Streaming TV (NETFLIX, CRACKLE, etc) only.

Movies or programs that may be ordered by guests will be paid by guest to the program provider or to C9.



























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NOTE:  With Reservation, Space is held for your exclusive use!

No Refund will be issued for full or partial cancellation

once space and time is reserved for you unless we book the unit to another party for the

portion of your cancellation.


Exception is made for Cancellation due to officially reported

Hurricanes or severe storms that are expected

to affect Puerto Rico

(see Below)


Refunds to Credit Accounts are subject to 15% Administrative Charge.





Puerto Rico is in an area that is subjected to hurricanes and earthquakes on occasion. Both are, of course, highly unpredictable in timing, path and severity.

C9 is in an ocean front location and is  NOT  in a safe area during hurricanes or severe storms!

In the event that a hurricane or severe storm forms and has Puerto Rico apparently in it's path as reported by weather reporting agencies, guests must evacuate to the airport or inland to the area of their choice. Guest assumes all responsibility for their personal safety and well being and quality of visiting time as well as the safety and well being of those in the guest's party at all times and especially during any portion of the extended hurricane or storm 'season'.


Refunds will be issued ONLY for any unused night of stay in the event of an earthquake, hurricane or severe storm and the guests evacuate to another location. Cancellations made prior to check-in due to an officially impending hurricane or severe storm that will affect Puerto Rico will receive full refund of the deposit to the credit account less administrative fee.   


Battery powered lanterns as well as candles are provided in the event of electrical outage. There is limited auxiliary electrical at C9 for guests in the event of utility company shut down. There is no auxiliary food and water source for guests at C9.



By signature, guest authorizes any and all extra costs as indicated above to be charged to the guest credit or debit account or pays in full using other acceptable methods. Guest will inform all in the guest's party of the Agreement contents and assumes all responsibility for all in their party.



Violations of any of the above items will cause immediate termination of the length of stay without refund. Appropriate additional charges will be made.




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C9 Hatillo del Mar

Hatillo, Puerto Rico


Rental Agreement


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