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Hatillo, Puerto Rico  On the Beautiful Northwestern Shore of the Isla del Encanto!


A hard day on the Catamaran

A returning guest pondering whether to return to the East Coast or just hide out in Puerto Rico


Great day on the Beach!

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Arecibo Faro Beach


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Are you a ready-to-retire Baby Boomer?

Wishing for the endless summer of a Blue-water Tropical Paradise?

Ready to trade in the snow shovel for sand and sun block?


Puerto Rico Retirement just may be the top choice



   After retiring, would like your lifestyle to be laid-back and relaxed yet interesting and


Welcome to Sylvette's PR site

Sentimiento Borinqueño


Courtesy of Sylvette Rivera

Slideshows and Links featuring a little of

what Puerto Rico has to offer!


   Would you prefer to get away from the 'Retirement Villages' and the usual popular 

         retirement areas yet find substantial, low-cost housing (with NO property taxes)?


   Do you prefer to stay near to your dear family, but (wink) not too near?


   Would you enjoy an exotic 'foreign' location that the family could easily and eagerly visit?


   Prefer a 'foreign' location with a minimum of communication challenges and a maximum

          of friendly people?


   Want to make a move that is relatively easy?


   Looking to retire in a location that is convenient to US Veteran Services and Health Care?


   Hoping to find a country with better than average health care with reasonable costs?


   Looking for a country with a stable 'Dollar' and an 'American' community 

           that is not yet TOO popular?


   Are any of these on your retirement 'To Do' list:

                   Tour out of the way exotic locales, Work on your tan at a variety of Blue-Water beaches?

                   Beachcomb, Swim, Snorkle, Scuba, Fish (deep sea or lake), Golf, Visit World-Class Casinos?

                   Visit the only Tropical Rain Forest in the US Park System, Visit underwater eco-systems?

                   Take Catamaran and Sea Tours, Visit Old Spanish Ruins and Towns, Take low-cost Caribbean Cruises

                   without first flying to the port, Take Weekend getaways on a variety of Caribbean Islands, Golf?

                   Enjoy both casual and fine dining, Visit Quaint 'old-town' shops or shop the new malls?

                   Rub shoulders with friendly 'locals' during a myriad of colorful pueblo festivals throughout the year?



From Andrew



          Many popular retirement areas will certainly fit your wishes, but you may find that Puerto Rico (in particular, the

     Hatillo / Isabella area) comes out on top when the choices are considered.


          I researched many foreign tropical climes as well as much of Puerto Rico for retirement and found that the

     conveniences and offerings of the northwest coast filled nearly all of my needs and desires for routine requirements as 

     well as adventure......... (I even found some really good pizza nearby!)       : )     I entertained the thought for many years

     and now I find that I am living in a Corona commercial!


          There are, of course, many challenges but I find that the benefits and pleasures far outweigh the negatives.  I

     have retired to Hatillo in early June, 2005 and I look forward to many additional years here.  You may find that Puerto

     Rico is laid-back but young at heart as well as active and growing in many areas. 


          A great number of your favorite stores (from fashion to computer to home centers) are available with a short



          If you may be considering retiring to a Tropical Paradise, I will be happy to answer your questions and provide

     details of what may be reasonably expected with retirement to Puerto Rico.  (No, I am not a real estate agent nor do I

     represent the Chamber of Commerce, so you will get the scoop on the down-side, also!)


          A Google search of Puerto Rico locales will bring a world of information as will some of the links to sites on my

     'Links and Info'   Page.  A 'walk' through the Real Estate for Sale  section at clasificadosonline.com  will provide an

     indication of the types and sizes of houses available throughout Puerto Rico.  A variety of old casas and villas as well

     as new construction in gated communities are available - most at still reasonable prices.


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For Reservations or Information:

8AM to 8PM Caribbean Time Please


888-592-9983   Toll Free

  787-898-3624   En Isla  




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   Mail:              C9 Hatillo del Mar, Calle Felipe Arana, Hatillo, Puerto Rico  00659-2207

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